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Even traditional 16-player modes such as Deathmatch and Race feel quite different than anything that you've played before. And in addition to those, there are objective-based games in which you're tasked with completing missions similar to those in the single-player game: a team-based Cops 'n Crooks mode, a Turf War mode in which teams compete for control of territories, a carjacking mode, three cooperative missions that support up to four players, and more. With the right group of people, there's no reason why you can't have a lot of fun with every single mode that's available.

We experienced a few frame-rate issues and lag that caused other players and their vehicles to jump around the screen at times, but for the most part GTAIV's online play is a real treat. One especially neat touch is that, as a passenger in a vehicle being driven by another player, you can mark waypoints on the GPS system for your driver using a map that tracks the locations of other players and objectives. If you're in doubt about differences between the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Grand Theft Auto IV, the true fact is that there aren't many. The PS3 version can only be played after a mandatory install that takes around 10 minutes, and its load times are a little shorter and less frequent as a result. The visuals, which don't always hold up to close scrutiny but are impressive during typical gameplay, are comparable and feature the same quirks (shadows that flicker, for example) on both consoles. More information about shooting game cheats and hacks from www.iwantcheats.net .

Likewise, the audio, which can take a lot of the credit for why Liberty City feels so alive, is exceptional regardless of which console you have and how many speakers it's hooked up to. True to form, GTAIV's soundtrack has plenty of great licensed songs and, unlike other games we could mention, it doesn't force the artist and track information down your throat with pop-up windows that detract from gameplay. However, if you want that information, you can simply dial up a song-recognition service on your cell phone and, after a few seconds, receive it in a text message.

Finally, I would like to say that Grand Theft Auto IV is a single-player game, which you can still play long after you complete the story, the series' best by far, and the multiplayer features are good enough that you'll likely have no problem finding people to play with for many months/years to come.

The minor flaws that you'll experience are no more tricky to overlook than those in previous GTA games, and they are greatly outnumbered by the features that will amaze and take your breath away at anytime you think you've already seen everything that the game has to offer. There's lots to see in Liberty City, so let's start your incredible trip in the World of entertainment!